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Canberra Visual Media Consultants 

To order
Phone: +61 (02) 6288-1427, fax +61 (02) 6288-3354
E-mail: cvmc@bigpond.com

or write to
CVMC, PO Box 3631, Weston Creek, ACT, 2611, Australia.

We accept Bankcard, Mastercard or Visa
Overseas postage and handling $A5 extra, within Australia $3.50 extra
(Please phone or fax for credit card orders)
Please make cheques payable to: CVMC

Gary Wohlman

$A49 for twin pack

Mastering Your Personal and Professional Speaking. In this tape you will discover some of the latest tips for improving your presentation skills created by Gary Wohlman in his travels around the world - as a teacher and trainer to leaders in business, entrepreneurs and performers.
Many of the latest findings integrating his years of study and experience in accelerated learning, whole brain research and neurolinguistic programming (NLP) are featured.
Some highlights include Gary's relationship-based rapport-building approach to communication, as well as messages to guide you with greater clarity and vision into the new millenium.

Gary Wohlman

Single tape $A29

Awaken Your Creativity!
Gary Wohlman - a modern-day Travelling Troubadour & Court Jester
This tape is designed to help free your "angel from your own marble" and liberate your creative gifts with ease. It includes a history and development of the Court Jester and Travelling Troubadour throughout the ages.
As a mirth-making minstrel himself, Gary offers us a selection of his original songs, living legends and interactive performance art.
For more information on hiring the Court Jester and for enquiries regarding this archetypal character, please refer to his web site www.garywohlman.com


Roz Townsend
Reading Wealth
Two tapes $A49.00

"In school you learn to read.. .after school you read to learn" One of the most important skills you need in life is the ability to communicate. But before you can communicate effectively you need to have knowledge. Knowledge is wealth and the best way to gain it is to read.
Roz Townsend loves life. As a teacher, she's helped thousands of adults and children learn to love reading and all forms of learning. She has the skills to show you how to improve your ability to read and understand what you're reading. On this tape Roz will take you through a short and enjoyable journey which will help you improve not only the speed with which you read the vast amount of information you see each day but will increase your comprehension of it.
Her motto: "in school you learn to read.. .after school you read to learn" sums up her philosophy on life. There's a vast world of information and knowledge out there for everyone to enjoy.

Gail Freeman
Two tapes $A35.00 plus $4.95 post and handling

The Secrets of Running a Home-Based Business and How to Write Your One Page Business Plan. Gail Freeman is an accountant who specialises in tax matters. She runs her own business and has several employees. But is wasn't always like that. She began her business working from home and is well aware of the problems facing people in home based businesses. Now she lectures widely on the pros and cons of running a small business and in particular - home based businesses.
Gail's seminars on small business cover all aspects from writing a business plan to dealing with insurance. On this tape you'll hear excerpts from one of Gail's seminars given to the National Speakers Association of Australia.
Business plans are an essential tool for all types of business. Gail has some interesting and important points to make about writing and updating your business plan.

ABC of the GST
Single tape $25
plus $4.50 postage
and handling.

All New Tape
The ABC of the GST. How to Stop Worrying and Learn to Love the GST
Accountant Gail Freeman takes you through the intricacies of the GST and how it applies to small and home-based businesses, with detailed instructions on applying for your ABN and keeping appropriate records for your GST transactions.