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Director Credits

Eric Kenning ACS, began making films when he was 13, winning his first award, the 20th International Gold Cup competition for a travel film in 1959.
He began to freelance for the newly opened QTQ9 television station in Brisbane. His biggest story at that time was coverage of the first oil strike in Queensland. Eric then moved to Sydney and joined ATN 7

He moved to Visatone Production Studios at Bondi, housed in the old Cinesound
Studios where many of Australia's most
famous films had been produced

Two years later he joined the Commonwealth Film Unit at Lindfield in Sydney, as a cinematographer, shooting documentaries in Australia and Papua New Guinea on 35mm for theatre screening. 

In 1968 he was recruited by the Australian News and Information Bureau to establish a production unit for its newly formed television section and over the next 25 years produced hundreds of television films and videos for Australia's overseas information programs.

Eric Kenning was admitted to the ACS in 1963 and later established the ACT Branch, becoming its first President in 1968.

The branch established a sound reputation for its seminars and trade shows which culminated in the Colour 70 seminar held just before colour television started in Australia.


Film and Video Production Courses are run in the ACT. For information:  EMAIL

  • Script to Screen
  • Video Photography and Lighting
  • Other training courses and seminars are available on the use of presentation technology.


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Seminars and training courses

CVMC'-Media seminars include the popular Script to Screen program which provides an insider's knowledge for people interested in production of videos, script writing, directing, pre- and post-production, on-line and off-line editing

Another seminar topic is
Stage Management for Speakers, a fascinating insight into the use of technology for everyone who has to use overhead projectors, lap-tops, video projectors etc. Presentation Skills covers every aspect of public speaking from preparing, researching, writing and finally, presenting your topic to an audience.

About CVMC-Media

Canberra Visual Media Consultants (CVMC) was established in 1990 by film director and cinematographer, Eric Kenning (ACS).
CVMC has produced video productions for government departments such as Veterans Affairs, Immigration, Multicultural Affairs, Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade and Australian Bureau of Statistics, British High Commission, The Treasury Financial Literacy Foundation, Department Industry Tourism  Resources,  Calvery Hospital and the Canberra University.
Numerous productions have also been produced by CVMC for business and community originations, such as the ACT Physically Handicapped Association and Australian Automobile Association

Name Change.
The name CVMC has now been changed to CVMC-Media, to reflect the new Media such as the internet, and electronic convention presentations using video DVD.
CVMC-Media Now an On-Line Studio. CVMC-Media is now an on-line post production service specialising in short promotional productions and video and audio makeover. You can send us your video or audio program and we will carry out the work and send you a preview version before making the final master.
Moving into the future. There’s no doubt that the technology of small video formats and computer multimedia has liberated business communications. The new technology produces amazing picture quality at a price only dreamed of a decade ago. Gone are the days of presenting a high cost corporate video in the boardroom. Now staff members can view a video production at their work-station piped through internal Internet or a business can create its own channel on YouTube.



  • Changing Australia
    A whirlwind tour of the capital cities set to the music of Tchaikovsky and played by the Australian Chamber Orchestra

  • Australian Motor Industry Showing the development of the industry as it expanded into world markets.

  • Expo
    Documentary on the Brisbane Expo in 1988.

  • Olympic City
    Made as part of the campaign to help Australia win its bid for the 2000 Olympics.

  • Tall Ships Co-production with the ABC on the tall ships race from Hobart to Sydney.

  • A Step in the Right Direction Made for the UN's International Year of Peace.

  • Documentaries on Australia's diplomatic relations with Vietnam and on the Chinese tribute gardens at Young for the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, screened on television in Vietnam and China.